Leah Shulman


    Leah Shulman is Russian and Jewish artist from St. Petersburg ,

    a member of The Russian Artists Union, of International Association of Art Critics and Art Historians (AIS), a Secretary of International group of artists PELE (since 1994).


    The basis of her art consists of two main parts which are the place of birth and the land of the origins. That is why her works combine the topics dedicated to Russia and St. Petersburg as well as the topics concerned to her national origins.


    There are many different techniques and technological methods which Liya uses to reflect the variety of her art.


    Mastering the material she fills the glass with painting and engraving, uses the potentials of gutta and strict optics, brings metal and gilding into composition. By all these Liya Shulman achieves an absolute perfection in work.


    The works of art made by Leah Shulman are kept in different museums and private collections in Russia and such countries as USA , Canada , Japan , Germany , France , Poland , Finland , Israel and Brazil .


    At one of her personal exhibitions the following note was left by the visitor: “Only a real artist is able to express so much by using such simple materials…” Isabel A., Paris.


    The Leah Shulman's art is marked by many awards and publications:


    “…The works of art are fulfilled in gutta, crystal, leaf glass and many in optical glass. By using the optical properties of the glass and cold processing (method of sliding engraving) Liya Shulman restores the forgotten techniques such as gilding and silvering on engraving. By using holography, a new method of glass processing, the artist creates works which combine classical and modern features: “The Summer Garden's Symphony” (1990), “The Unification of Two Germanys” (1993), “In Synagogue's of the Past”, (1993). She participates in exhibitions since 1973…..” The Russian Jewish Encyclopedia, Moscow , 2000 – v.3, p.437.


    L. Shulman has worked successfully with various materials and techniques. Using the optical diapason of a Matter, the artist turns ordinary things into miraculous creations, dreams in fairy-tale lines and symbols, travels in Space and Time.


    “The theme of the city, it's magical colors, the fantasy of water and air, of the sound and silence is one of the musical sides of Leah's artistic mosaics. Her artistic model is traditional for the Petersburg 's artists and includes also theatrical and graphic origins of Miriskussnikov, the associations of impressionists and the search for the endlessness of the form. The bodies of glass, its vertical and horizontal dimensions are such as if they were made of the “weightlessness” of the Universe and invite us to travel about the world on Chagall-like flights.”


    “The art of Liya Shulman is a unique combination of mastering the different technologies, courageous experiments, the highest professionalism and artistic freedom of mature Master. The facets of her art reflecting the reality allow to see and discover the surrounding world as a wonderful Rainbow of Life.”


    Marina Zvetayeva, art historian, Doctor of Culturology.